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Author Topic: Starting an Internship for a Web startup  (Read 991 times)


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Starting an Internship for a Web startup
« on: June 06, 2012, 12:14:27 PM »
I am a self-professed geek and run the IT for the College.  IT is my career and hobby interest.  I grew-up lower middle class, learned very young that hard work gets rewarded.  My parents did not have any spare $$ for us, so at the age of 9 had my own news-paper route (getting up at 5am everyday to deliver) that allowed me to have $$ money for other things/stuff that my mom/dad could not buy me, but also taught myself how save money, manage money, etc.  This work ethic did well for me as after graduating high-school I put myself through College by taking out/paying back loans, working multiple jobs.   FYI, to this day I continue to work multiple jobs (my main IT job and part-time teaching now) so that I can support my family in a descent way and allow for my wife to be a full-time stay-at-home mom to our five boys.     

 As part of my background and work history, is a great deal of Internet Business start-up experience while working for IBM and Oracle in the Late 90s and early 2000s as a high-priced consultant engaging customers and consulting on many many Internet start ups back then.  I have always had a strong entrepreneurial urge all of my life, but never had the right time to break out on my own (I know...there is never the right or perfect time to do so...just do it now).  As of late I have also had a very strong interest in agriculture and farming (related to this is how I got hooked on The Survival Podcast a few years ago as well as in jackspirko.com)...anyway, I wanted to combine my two interests (IT and Ag/Farming) which is how I ended working at the College that I am at now, SUNY Cobleskill (an ag-tech college in the State University of NY System - a.k.a SUNY - pronounced like "soonie").

 Within the past year, my wife has been very involved in a home-based business which has gotten us a little extra income (and serves us well for tax purposes).    Her experience with her home business has since expanded to now include a web-business venture with a good friend of her's where the business will be supporting local/small ag/farm businesses.  I have also helped in this web-business venture of theirs in a consulting capacity providing direction on tech/web matters (after all, I have the best web business education possible with Five Minutes with Jack).  The primary goals of this business will be of course a positive income stream AND creating a franchise model that will allow the business to grow and be a money-maker for others as well.

 As you have spoken of many times in your podcasts, and is also big in the news as of late is the fact that Colleges today are churning out graduates who are unemployable with useless degrees and large student loans to pay back.  I do NOT want graduates at SUNY Cobleskill to end up the same way.  So, this fall, combining my current passions (IT and Ag/Farming) I am starting a couple capstone internship projects that will challenge the students to run a website as business where the $$s raised will be funneled back into the College for scholarships.  The model and (most of the) content that I would like to use for this is jackspirko.com website which is a treasure trove of great content.

My hopes are that the students in my internship programs will develop a strong entrepreneurial urge to start their own business (perhaps right out of their dorm-rooms).  For those students that want to and are willing to give it go, the web-business that I mentioned my wife is now involved with, can be offered a franchise area of their own to work and make $$ for themselves and put their real-world College internship experience to work.

So more to come...especially by the Fall time frame


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Re: Starting an Internship for a Web startup
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2012, 07:43:57 PM »
Very cool, be sure a post links to various sites and let us know how things progress.

If only more institutions would find ways to create, produce, market blended within their education, we'd all be much better off.   And any income earned as an added bonus.