February 18, 2018, 04:50:18 AM

Author Topic: Episode-120- Applying the Principle of Stacking to the 8 Forms of Capital  (Read 3737 times)


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The episode for this post is at http://bit.ly/JwIHvO

This is the last in the 8 forms of capital series on applying permaculture principals to business cultivation.  The word I kept alluding to during the entire series was “stacking”, it is a principle explained by Bill Mollison in his 34 principles of design as follows…

“Stacking: Multilevel functions for single element (stacking functions). Multilevel garden design, i.e., trellising, forest garden, vines, groundcovers, etc.”

Many would say that sure doesn’t sound like a business concept unless you are a farmer, however, business owners especially small business owners need to be experts at stacking.  When you are a one man show and you do content production, editing, graphics, publishing, promotion, tech support and email responses you are stacking functions.  Make sense?

During the 8 levels of capital series we kept finding overlaps, why, because capital has functions that can be stacked as well and may of those stackings overlap.


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I have to say that I love the fact that every time I think that you've plateaued, I get proven wrong. Thank you for that. I like having to keep on my toes.

I have to say that as much as you bill this as new I see alot of the things you covered in today's episode in TSP, FMwJ and with your descriptions of Agri-True. Or is there something more subtle that I'm just seeing.