February 18, 2018, 04:49:26 AM

Author Topic: Episode-118- Eight Forms of Capital Part 7 of 8 - Cultural Capital  (Read 3084 times)


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The Podcast for this Episode is at http://t.co/2OFGPVjy

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part seven we discuss the concept of Cultural Capital, from the article...

All the other forms of capital may be held and owed by individuals, but cultural capital can only be gathered by a community of people. Cultural capital describes the shared internal and external processes of a community – the works of art and theater, the songs that every child learns, the ability to come together in celebration of the harvest or for a religious holiday. Cultural capital cannot be gathered by individuals alone. It could be viewed as an emergent property of the complex system of inter-capital exchanges that takes place in a village, a city, a bioregion, or nation.

In our businesses we can look at cultural capital in a variety of ways,

1.  The community/communities directly attached to the business
2.  The communities created due to "inspiration by the business"
3.  The internal culture of the business

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.