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Author Topic: Episode-115- Eight Forms of Capital Part 4 of 8 – Material Capital  (Read 2133 times)


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The podcast for this thread is at http://www.jackspirko.com/115-material-capital

Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture.

In part three we discuss the concept of Material Capital, from the article

Non-living physical objects form material capital. Raw and processed resources like stone, metal, timber, and fossil fuels are ‘complexed’ with each other to create more sophisticated materials or structures. Modern buildings, bridges, and other pieces of infrastructure along with tools, computers, and other technologies are complexed forms of material capital.

In our businesses we can look at material capital in a variety of ways,

1.  The material assets of the business
2.  The “non phyical products” of the business
3.  Software, procedures, protocols and systems
4.  What material capital teaches us about what I call a “capital litmus test”

Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level.


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Re: Episode-115- Eight Forms of Capital Part 4 of 8 – Material Capital
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 07:45:29 AM »
You mentioned that all businesses should own property.  I took that to mean land, did I hear that correctly?  In our webhosting company we own lots of servers and only lease space for tr servers.  I like realestate but I've not found a good reason to buy any land or offices for the business.  Owning an office might have a few benefits but they cost a lot more than home offices.  And we have conference rooms we can use at the datacenters.  I can use the profits of the company to buy realestate outside the business, like rentals which I have separate from the webhosting business. 
Thanks for all the thoughts and insights!