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Author Topic: Amature Transcription services for hire  (Read 966 times)


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Amature Transcription services for hire
« on: April 26, 2012, 11:01:36 PM »
I was listening to the recent podcast about speaking books into existence and it gave me the idea to try my hand at transcribing audio files to text.

I am only going to accept one project at first, to determine weather or not the work suits me. But my rate for this project will be about 30% of the cost of professional transcription as estimated by Jack. I'm thinking $30.00 per recorded hour and a maximum of 4 recorded hours.

Turnaround time will be 1-2 weeks depending on recording length.

The transcription service will be very basic, I will make minor grammatical changes and spelling will be correct. But there will be no rearranging of sentences or paragraphs. Names will be spelled in their most common form and punctuation will be included but not perfect and will need some editing. Any unintelligible words will be replaced with ***** so you can easily find and enter the correct word.

Payment will be handled with Paypal so you will be protected by their buyer protection policies. I would like half of the total project cost up front to begin work, and the rest will be due once you receive the text document. The file I send you will be either a Microsoft Word document or a Google document, your choice.

The recording you send me must be in a format that I can upload and play with an iPod, and the recording quality must be reasonable.

If anyone is interested, please message me so we can iron out the details.