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Author Topic: Looking for a Website Designer  (Read 1323 times)


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Looking for a Website Designer
« on: April 22, 2012, 10:39:19 AM »
I currently have a site:  paperstreetenterprises.com
I'm looking to have it redesigned. 
Here's some things I'm looking for:
One of the things I've noticed is that my website isn't very "sticky".  I get visits, but no one stays or signs in.  So I'm thinking I need to invest in that.  So  here are some of the criteria I"m looking for:
1.  I want something that I'll be able to maintain and do simple enhancments on.  I plan on adding new products, and new content, and would like to be able to do most of it myself.
2.  I would like to get optimized to start showing up in the search engine searches.  In particular, I'd love to get ranked for terms like:
SAP SM, SAP Service Management, SAP CS, SAP Customer Service...  and things on that order.  I'm fairly sure I'm not even close on anything.
3.  I would like to have an Opt-in page on the main page.  I want to start using my website to build or connect to my microsoft access database that I"m currently using (I'd change the platform of my database if it would make things easier).  I just want to let the website handle a lot of this for me, including unsubscribe and things like that.
4.  I don't really need fancy flash or anything like that.  I'm not averse to it, but it's low on my priority list, unless you tell me I need it to be successfull.
5.  I'd like it to be easy to add a shopping cart functionality, as well as digital "contracts" which I already have written.  Initially, I don't plan to sell online, since most time I'd have to "consult" with the prospect before they're likely to buy.
6.  General re-organization.  I feel like my site is starting to get cluttered because I'm limited by the number of pages I can have with the free version.
7.  If it helps, here's a couple of companies that do similar things:  SHIPERP: http://www.erp-is.com/solutions/ShipERP_Demo.aspx, Sercurity Weaver: http://www.securityweaver.com/Default.asp

Let me know if you're interested and what sort of rates you charge.

Mike Piehl
Paper Street Enterprises,LLC


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Re: Looking for a Website Designer
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2012, 05:43:11 PM »
Hi Mike,

Big issue with what you described.

You're using Microsoft Access which is typically desktop database software.

For your web site to use your database you're going to have to start using a hosted database.  It needs to sit on the server where your web site is so it can access the database 24/7. Most web hosting companies come with MySQL installed on them. It's the most commonly used database platform today for that reason.

So that's an issue you need to figure out first. You probably need to tell us more about what you're using your database for now, and what you want to use it for in the future.
Benjamin Fitts
Membership Site Experts
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Re: Looking for a Website Designer
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2012, 07:14:36 AM »
Thanks Ben,
I'm using the database for my contacts only at this time.  So I have no issues moving the data.  Hopefully, there is an upload of contact information from access to an online format, but I certainly have no issues converting.


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Re: Looking for a Website Designer
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2012, 05:47:10 AM »

My sites are setup with wordpress. I use the premium themes from studiopress.

Also I like my landing page to be my blog page. This way someone lands and at least reads an article or two.

Jacks sites are all on wordpress.

As far as op-in. I use a 3rd party program. Aweber is the most know but there are others out there. I use icontact. Biggest thing about using a 3rd party system is they have contracts with the email service providers so your emails won't go into spam. You start getting a contact database of a few hundred people and try sending out direct emails you will start getting blacklisted. With a 3rd party they have the option of opting out instead of marking you as spam.
Michael Sparks, Just another entrepreneur