January 21, 2018, 02:24:00 AM

Author Topic: Requesting a Drupal board (or maybe all other platforms besides WordPress)  (Read 1546 times)


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OK - I know everyone here has drunk the WordPress koolaid (me  too).  If it were my choice, I'd pick WordPress - especially since I've spent the past couple weeks really trying to get up to speed on it.


The group that I'm active with has already picked drupal, and since I'm committed to helping them with the project - I'm using it too. 

Can you set up a "Drupal Tips and Tricks" board for those of us who are using it instead of Wordpress?


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Yeah there is some cool stuff you can do with Drupal :) So I second the request.
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How about just "Other Software" under the Building Community section perhaps...?  Some people might want to know about setting up Wikis for example.


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I don't know how frequently Joomla is used these days, but it's also a great CMS I've heard. And I agree that MediaWiki is a great tool for building a community knowledge database.
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