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Author Topic: iTunes and Stitcher Affiliates  (Read 1805 times)


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iTunes and Stitcher Affiliates
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:09:30 PM »
At Jacks suggestion I used PodPress to put my podcast into iTunes but was always perplexed at how to get it into Android Market.  When Jack described Stitcher I loved it, had my podcast submitted and offered a link in my sidebar specifically for Android devices: http://thefamilypodcastnetwork.com

Today I logged into my Stitcher account for the first time since I created it and realized that they have EXCELLENT tracking software and that I have been getting a crap-ton of traffic through Stitcher.  Then as I was tooling around their new updated site I noticed an Affiliate link and quickly became an affiliate.  Then I got to thinking about iTunes and realized that they have an affiliate program as well!  I've now applied to both at this point but I think I have the opportunity to make a few bucks off of downloads of the Stitcher App and iTunes.  This will be a trial campaign so I will keep you all updated.

For all you podcasters you might want to explore any options in these two venues.  You can also sell affiliate links for products purchased through iTunes.  For instance, if Jack had 3-4 Apple (albeit it sounds like he is primarily a PCer) products that he recommended for creating a business, he could link them and get 5% commission on all app, iBook, etc downloads.  At least that is how I understand it. 

Here are the links:

iTunes: https://cli.linksynergy.com/cli/publisher/registration/registration.php?   (This will take you to LinkShare...which is where you have to apply for iTunes affiliate.

Stitcher: http://partners.stitcher.com/AffiliateSignup.php You will have to have an account and be logged in with Stitcher but there it is.

Let me know your experiences and if you have any questions.


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Re: iTunes and Stitcher Affiliates
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 05:59:42 AM »
I'm an iTunes affiliate and i use it for game reviews  ;D
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