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Author Topic: StumbleUpon Paid Discovery  (Read 6123 times)


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Re: StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
« Reply #30 on: February 22, 2012, 08:07:37 PM »
So...how do you get the mushroom out?  ;D
Thanks for posting your results. I have considered SU but I haven't decided to plug money into advertising yet.
Although at 2 cents per visitor, that's pretty cheap.

Answer is simple: great content. That's why I only send paid stumbleupon traffic to my best posts.

And you can do a lot better than $0.02 per click-- try $0.0002, like this one from the last few days...

I've found that the best way to go is to spend $3-5 sending traffic to an article over 1 day, and then stop. Either it hits or it doesn't. (If you only choose your best articles you'll have more "hits" than "nots.") I'm paying for 75-100 people to look at the article... if a decent number of them give it a "thumbs up" then it will go into free rotation and mushroom from there-- if it doesn't happen after ~100 views it's not going to.

This requires a bit of micromanaging, and I'm experementing with it to refine the numbers, but I'm extremely happy and surprised by the results.

Again, if I send every article, I don't get this kind of response... but you'll quickly develop a hunch for the ones that will stick. Note that the very nature of stumbleupon traffic is that it will generally have pretty low bounce rate, but based on the rough measurement you can do with feedburner and Woopra I had an approximately 2% "conversion" on this blob of 5,000 people to RSS subscription. So I paid $12 for 5,500 visits and 118 subscribers... that's 11 cents per subscriber, which is a VERY good ROI. (This was my best result, about 2-3x as good as what I'm typically getting, but it was an interesting article... it scales in a linear manner with content quality.
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