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Author Topic: Would there be any market in this? - Your advice needed  (Read 2340 times)


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Would there be any market in this? - Your advice needed
« on: March 24, 2013, 03:57:05 AM »
Hi guys,

I've not been on here for ages and I took my eye off starting my own business for a while, but now I'm back :)

I've had an idea for a site, but I'm not sure if there is a need for it or if someone is doing it already. The idea is as follows:

A nationwide directory of all "prepper friendly" businesses, service providers, doctors etc

As a prepper myself I'd love to have this resource available, and I'm sure there are a few on here who like to advertise on such a service.

I've looked around and I'm sure I could do this from a technology point of view. The income streams could be paid advertising (similar to The Survival Podcast), premium rankings ($x to have your company show at the top of the list) and adsense. If there are any others I'd love to hear about them.

Here is my concern - Would small businesses, even if they were run by preppers, shy away from this as they don't want to be identified as "preppers"? What do you think?


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Re: Would there be any market in this? - Your advice needed
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 08:13:37 AM »
I did a quick search for prepper directory, found a few sites, some are prepper organizations groups more than companies to buy from, or lists or prepper sites, etc. 

The directories I did find on page 1 of bing, were empty for the most part, ranking of 0, seems room for improvement.   I didn't check adsense or such as to number of searches for keyword.

Would small businesses shy away from this?  The survival podcast and other sites seem to find advertisers.   

I'm not sure exactly how you want to set this up, which businesses you are targeting, may want to talk to a few such businesses if they'd welcome such a directory. 

When I think of successful directory sites I look at LocalHarvest.org   They have been around a dozen plus years.  They found a need a filled it, today a high traffic successful directory for finding local produce, etc. 

I think a high quality prepper directory site would do well. I see many directory sites started in various niches, hard to search, only a few listings, thus not filling a need, little success.  In the end, until you try, you won't know how it'll do.  Do make it stand out.