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Author Topic: Need Advice Please: First sponsor wants to see my Sponsorship Packages  (Read 1168 times)

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Back Story: I use their product and have made multiple youtube reviews and recommended them on my twitter account. I've even answered questions from people wanting a third party opinion on the product over social media. These conversations have resulted in the sale of at least two units. On one occasion when the interested customer thanked this company for their help they outright said thank SpearoBlog he gets all the credit for this one. About an hour ago I had another similar conversation over twitter with this potential sponsor and an interested customer. The convo resulted in more buzz and potentially another satisfied customer. At the end of the convo the vendor(sponsor) asked if I would be interested in doing an interview for an article they are writing about spearfisherman that use their product. I said yes and threw in a "by the way, I'm looking for sponsors for my spearfishing blog are YOU interested? :)"

Their reply was "What are your sponsorship packages?"

I need help with this
: I have the packages laid out in the Advertise on SpearoBlog page BUT now that I have the sponsor asking I'm afraid to scare them off since my traffic volume is not very much. It IS however very targeted in a very small niche. Can you please check out my sponsor page and offer any advice? Thank you!

Additional info: Each unit sells for about US$600.
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Re: Need Advice Please: First sponsor wants to see my Sponsorship Packages
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 08:06:53 PM »
There are a trillion metrics. Most are only relevant when answering specific questions.

This is a business transaction. What do you want? Some money. What do they want? Some money.

Here's the (magic BS that I just pulled out of my butt) formula that I would use for determining a starting point:

(The number of products you've sold) divided by (The number of months you've been talking about this product)
That should give you sales per month

Pick a commission rate? Do they have a commission plan? Does a similar product have an affiliate program? What's their rate?

That leaves you with:
$600 x affiliate rate x sales per month

That's how much you would have made per month if you were selling through an affiliate program. That's a very fair starting point.