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Author Topic: Online store creation pricing?  (Read 1072 times)


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Online store creation pricing?
« on: February 28, 2013, 12:20:32 PM »
Hey guys, how much will it cost me to have someone create an online store to allow purchases and accept online payments. I'm not necessarily looking for one of you to do it (unless you have the skill in which case I'd rather higher you than someone random!) I'm just looking for a ballpark estimate of cost.

I'm pretty familiar with wordpress for blogging and image hosting but a friend of mine wants me to go in with him on a different business. It requires having downloadable video/audio content and he would like it to be fully automated. When a user buys an episode, they instantly have access to download the file. Then the payment is automatically split with 25% going to my account and 75% going to his.

I know how to build a basic wordpress site but since I have no idea how to do that setup above, I'd be fully willing to hire someone to do it. How much do you think I'd have to pay for that? 200 bucks? 2000? The main business idea is sound imo, I'm just unsure on how much of an initial investment we'll need to put in for the web coding. Thanks a ton guys, this is a great community!
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