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Author Topic: Google and duplicate content  (Read 981 times)


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Google and duplicate content
« on: September 30, 2012, 01:02:45 PM »
So i was just thinking, after reading over and over again through these past 6 months about how Google doesnt like duplicate content, i would just skim that and say....well i dont do that so no worries!

Then!....Then....I realized that i am!

I originally had a main site built with sitebuilder through hostgator and a "Blog" on .wordpress.com
Eventually with all the pain and heartache that is involved with a newbie with no experience doing this, I built a brand new wordpress page on hostgator and transferred all the old wordpress blog posts and info to the new one.

However I left up the old blog to continue to drive traffic to the new site.

So this is what i did

1) I transferred 2-3 months worth of posts to the new site from the old blog
2) every month i would transfer the new posts from the new site to the old one

I did this thinking that alot of folks were still coming to the old site and i wanted them to be able to stay updated with the course of the blog.

i realize now i am possibly being penalized by google for this and not even know it!

What are your thoughts?

Should i delete the old posts off the new site and vice versa (new posts of the old site) ?