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Awesome. Thank you!

Email Marketing / AWeber Users - Best approach for multiple websites?
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:42:51 AM »
For those of you that have more than one website, do you create separate Aweber accounts for each website?  I have two similar (but slightly different websites) that I want to grow separate lists for but ideally by billable/managed under a single account. 

I know you can create multiples lists, autoresponders, etc. But I want my account info (lead capture forms, return email addr, site info, etc) to be different for each website.

I was hoping someone has a product that allows you to combine total users from multiple sites and charge me that way, vs me having to create a bunch of user ids/passwords/accounts for every little website I have. 

How do you all handle this? I look forward to your suggestions.



WordPress Wizardry / Re: What forum to use
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:12:24 PM »
I don't know about best to use, but I like Mingle plugin. Its for Wordpress and very easy to use and pretty flexible.   I have an example on my site marathontrainingplan.com/forum. I have used it on other sites as well. It works for my purposes, but my forums typically do not get much traffic.  This one I put up in the last week or so ... Took me 15 minutes to setup and it has some good options.

Thanks, I will take a look. I have a pretty decent size VPS plan with hostgator so I will check if that was included... I may have forgotten about it.

Podcasting Central / Re: Feedburner and Podcast
« on: February 17, 2012, 01:14:09 PM »
While I can't answer your question directly about the "different" feed, I also just recently added a podcasts to my regular feeds and use podpress to post them on my wordpress sites.  My podcasts are out on itunes just fine.  I did notice that my feedburner feed contains a mix of both podcasts posts 'and' regular posts and for my regular readers that is what I wanted since I want subscribers to see both podcasts and posts without subscribing to two separate feeds (if that is what it does).   As far as itunes, it is happy, since podpress took care of adding the itunes tags to the feedburner feed, itunes only grabs the ones it needs for listing podcasts in its store. 

I would be curious as well if there is any advantage of having that button checked. I am afraid to touch anything now as it all seems to be working and my subscriber count has gone way up since I started adding podcasts.  I know having a 2nd podcast-only feed gives you another rss/atom feed option that you 'could' offer subscribers who only wanted the podcast, but I thought that was overkill in my case. Most of my podcast listeners are coming from itunes...

Hopefully that was somewhat helpful and made sense...

Thanks for the answer to my question! I have been testing Google voice and may choose it especially since it is free to try and test with it.. My only concern is the ability to get a 1-800 number with it. My initial playing around with it does not seem to allow for upgrading from my chosen Google voice number to an 1-800 number.  I also found phone.com has an option for $9.xx/month that gives me 2 (1-800) numbers and exports messages as wav files. This may be a good option as I can have one number for my main customer service number and another one for my podcast hotline.

Jack, if your reading this, how are you doing it for your podcasts?  P.S  I'm a big fan of both your sites ;-)

I noticed on the survival podcast listener feedback episodes, it appears that callers are leaving their questions on a voice mail system that then probably gets imported in as a mp3 or wav file to get added to the show via the recording software.  I have a training tips podcast for runners and was liking the idea of having site visitors and podcast listeners having a way to ask their questions and be a part of a listener questions show that I do periodically.  I am thinking this would be a great advantage over doing "live" call-in shows since people can leave their questions anytime.

I have a couple of questions as a newbie podcaster.

1) Can anyone recommend a good 1-800 / voice mail system that can deliver the voice mails in a mp3 format by email or download. I used one years ago that did this and sent the mp3 by email so I could get notified by email of receiving a message, but for the life of me I can't remember who I used and if I remember correctly, their quality left little to be desired.

2) How would you recommend positioning or structure it so as not to get in trouble for using a caller's question as part of the broadcast.  I would obviously mention it on my podcasts as well as put a message on the mailbox that all calls are recorded and may be used on the show. Is that enough?  It sounds like it would be.


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