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Just read this interesting article on why you might not want to use SEO Smart Links plugin.


Basically says be careful not to stuff too many links or you could get penalized by Google.  The author even suggests not using the plugin at all.

Which shopping cart for wordpress do you recommend?

Woocommerce or WP Ecommerce?  These seem to be the two big ones.

If you have used both that's even better. Why do you like one over the other?

Hey guys,

Saw this great article today from Jonathan Ledger about anchor text optimization.  Google has been saying they are going to penalize some sites for over optimization meaning too many links all coming in with the same keyword.  However Jonathan found some examples where the penalty doesn't matter.

There's some really important stuff in this article:


Just got this in my email this morning and thought I'd share it with you guys and gals.

The Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin Version 4.0 has been released and brings the latest essential features for media creation to WordPress, including the hottest updates to the new iTunes specifications.

“I am proud of this release of PowerPress, in supporting the latest iTunes podcast specs, additionally this update introduces innovative features first to market for the 10’s of thousands of media creators that rely on PowerPress,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice.

iTunes upgrades include:

An updated iTunes image requirement -- RGB 1400x1400 -- throughout the plugin for better cover image quality throughout.

“Feature Episode” that allow podcasters to designate a primary episode, which can be used to introduce the podcast or lead in to a new series.

An iTunes Order feature that allows a podcaster doing a series of episodes to have each listed in the desired order.

Other PowerPress 4.0 offerings include:

A new video player option: VideoJS HTML5 JavaScript player -- a player that has its own plugin. By adding this plugin, the new player will be available as an option in PowerPress video players list.

A Feed Episode Maximizer "option" for shows with episodes in excess of what can currently be included in a feed. This feature allows the podcaster to maintain the latest 10 episodes in iTunes with all of the extensive episode data. The rest of the episodes are listed in a way that maximizes the number of episodes that can be listed on iTunes / Zune etc. Perfect for the serial podcaster with an extensive episode library.

What plugin do you recommend for running PHP code in a Wordpress Page/Post?

I know there are a few out there... Just wondering what you guys recommend/use and why. Some of them are old plugins and were created prior to wordpress 3.x... I'm honestly not familiar with all the new plugins.

It can be a paid plugin. I'm happy to pay for good code rather than use someone's free code that run's poorly ;)

This was an email I received from Perry Marshall today. He was selling consulting services, which I cut that part out of the email... but the logic here is truly great.

I thought you could all benefit from this:

Yesterday I was talking to Matt Gillogly and he said to me, "If I have another conversation with a guy who thinks he's gonna go out and do marketing for local plumbers and flower shops, I think I'm gonna scream! People are thinking WAY TOO SMALL."

Disqualifier Numero Uno for *any* business deal you ever get into is this:


How much money does the local plumber or flower shop have? How much do they spend on marketing and advertising - right now?

If you have this idea that you're going to hopefully someday get them to $15,000/month and giving you $5,000... but right now they're spending $1500 a month....

You're safer betting the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.

Why do people entertain fantasies like this?

I call it Rainmaker Head Trash. It's the mental garbage that people who CAN be rainmakers, and who aspire to kick royal ass out there in the marketplace, sabotage themselves with.

I did this all the time when I was in Amway. Here's a for-instance:

I sponsor this guy Jose who works at the Post Office. He sponsors his sister who also works at the Post Office. She sponsors this couple named Pamela and Gonzalo who live up the street. Gonzalo is a college student and they live in a ghetto in this tiny apartment that smells like urine. She's "looking for work" and I think they're living on a thousand bucks a month.

Guess what kind of people they're putting on their names list?

Meanwhile I'm thinking, "Man, I'm going to HELP Pamela and Gonzalo escape this grinding poverty and someday it's gonna be so great..."

Here Pamela, let me buy those tickets so you can go to the next seminar and learn how to get rich.

One chance in a million, baby. Might as well play the lottery.

Who SHOULD I be talking to?

A cardiologist.

Was I comfortable talking to a cardiologist?

Of course not.

Did I feel like I could help him?

Of course not.

But if Amway actually worked (it didn't, but that's beside the point) I would get the farthest the fastest by not trying to steer a parked car.

Lesson Numero Uno about your life as an entrepreneur is this:

If you're thinking big, then you're always tackling things that are bigger than you, and you're taking on clients with BIG businesses not little ones. You're ALWAYS feeling that queasy feeling in your stomach. You're always stretching your brain.

If you're a copywriter, there's 100,000 BIG websites and 90,000 of them have lousy copy.

If you're a PPC manager, there's 100,000 BIG Google accounts and 90,000 of them are a complete mess.

If you're a business strategist, there's a 100,000 decent sized companies and 90% have a crappy strategy.

You can make the flower shop $1,000 per month or you can make a medical device manufacturer $50,000 per month. With the same amount of work.

Which way do you want it?

The irony is, you are exponentially MORE valuable to a big business than a little one. Even though you question your own value.

As my own business has grown, I have ALWAYS had to set my own head straight on how much value I deliver. Is $25,000 a lot of money to charge for Private Client Group? It's one half of one percent of annual revenue for a $5 million company. One guy, whose business is much smaller than that, earned back his dinero in our first 30 minute phone call.

When tiny hinges swing big doors, $25,000 ain't much at all.

There is a place where your skills are worth five figures a month. It's just a question of where.

What a really great sensation when you stop driving parked cars and finally head down the expressway, full speed. Eventually you come to love that queasy, "Think Big" feeling. You embrace it 'cuz it keeps paying off.

Perry Marshall

Hey all,

We're currently running a design contest for the new TRT100K logo. 

We put up a prize of $299 to the winner.

If you are a designer or you know of anyone who would like to submit a logo, have them go to this site:

BTW - running a design contest like this can be a great way to get a bunch of different ideas. Sometimes if you just hire one designer they can only provide a limited number of choices. By doing a design contest you may get dozens of choices to choose from.

Fun blog post yesterday on DIY Themes.

They list a few of the plugins they believe are essential to a good Wordpress blog.


They also talk about why having too many plugins is bad for your blog.

Hi guys,

My name is Ben Fitts. I'm the developer friend of Jack who helped do work on TSP and TRT100K.  We've been partners on many projects in the past.

My college buddy Chris and I are setting up a business to assist people with their membership web sites.  Some of the software we've been using on these projects includes:

aMember 3.x and 4.x
SMF 1.x and 2.x
vBulletin 3.x and 4.x
Wordpress 3
Custom PHP Programming

We have experience with Paypal, Authorize.net, and Clickbank for payment processing

We have also been working on custom web page design, Wordpress themes, shopping cart integration, and customized programming for our clients.

Our designer is working on our new web site now but we're happy to provide references.

We're open to working for straight up cash or cash PLUS percentage of ownership :) We understand the long term residual income and power of a well done membership site.

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