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Search Engine Marketing / pinterest effect on rank
« on: August 16, 2012, 01:21:16 PM »
I just watched a bunch of videos and articles.. apparently pinterest can have a good effect on ranking. The key is having a decent description when you "pin" the photo

If it gets repinned then google gives it a lot of weight apparently.

Another site to tend to... now I'm off to look for plugins to allow photos to be pinned on hover.


Social Networking Nirvana / Going viral w/ info-graphics
« on: August 15, 2012, 09:27:44 AM »
Looks cool! might have to try it out.


These things always go viral, or at least they seem to.  You can do so much with these.. if you have a gun blog imagine the "History of the Mosin Nagant" info-graphic... you could see that going viral right?

Anyway something I have my eye on

Social Networking Nirvana / Info Graphics
« on: August 10, 2012, 11:21:06 PM »
Everytime i see a graphic w/ branding and words and what not like this.. it is shared and viral like wildfire

CLEARLY people on facebook like this type of thing and it's a great way to get your URL out to a bunch of people even if they don't reference you when they re-share.

I think we all need to be coming up w/ our own versions of this

Guys... been wanting to write a book. I outlined it and it's like 6 pages long (just the outline)... OK realistically here is my life right now.

Working on 3 iphone apps on the side, 60 hour a week job, kid, dogs, wife, mountain biking, garden, bees, canning, blog... bla bla bla

OK so where does a 400 page book fit in here..   HOW CAN I GET $$ coming through the door now. Then it dawned on me... MICRO-Transactions

The apple APP store has already PROVEN the enourmous value of micro-transactions. 99cent apps or $1.99 apps.. people will buy these all day long w/o even thinking about it for 2 seconds.

OK so you can't write an app your thinking right now right??? Right?

No big deal. eBooks as micro transaction. Here are a few links I have bought recently on my kindle just because i thought they might be interesting.

http://amzn.to/N1N0lR  99cents
http://amzn.to/N1N98I $2.99
http://amzn.to/N1NbNN $4.95
http://amzn.to/N1Nkkv $2.99

The average length is 15 to 40 pages (40 being the $4.95)

For the 99cent mark you just need to get to 12 to 15 pages and OBVIOUSLY make it freaking good. (goes w/o saying)

Your book.. first page is about you. Don't sell em' hard here but a paragraph and include some basic how to connect w/ you links

Last page. Here is the hard sell. Link all your products up here. As you add more products you can update your files so that all your products have ads that link them all together.

Also put in some calls ot action here... like facebook or email list signup. Podcast feed. whatever you got going on.

NEXT STEP- Dictate the book ... provide some off the cuff comments on it... just to keep it fun.  Now you got an MP3 you can sell on itunes as an audio book.. and similar markets as well as your website.

Get yourself a cart platform capable of handling both PAYPAL and DIGITAL PRODUCTS

Here is a free one that I use as a pro and it works like a charm: http://www.cs-cart.com/free.html

Has paypal checkout and will handle AUTOMATIC distribution of your products. This is for direct purchasing. Obviously when sold via amazon.com amazon will handle that part for their cut.

Jack was talking about eBook pricing.. but I think he is thinking about the clickbank market and not really the amazon.com market.. which is more like the itunes app store. It's all about micro transactions.

Short, concise, useful and can capture the short attention span of the modern consumer.. get you out there and established with new customers.

Just don't forget to upsell them on other items in the book.. keep it rolling

OK this is just my brain dump. I'm going to give it a go and see what's up.

My first book will be on building homemade smokers. Doing 3 designs and going to include recipes and basic BBQ overview.

Most of the content will be PICTURES and it's going to be awesome. I'll post up a download for ya'll to see for free and we can run this experiment together. Who else is going to try this with me?   Lets set some goals, set some dates and check back in w/ the results...

Peer Review - Website Blog Critique / saveourskills.com new theme
« on: April 25, 2012, 09:34:39 PM »
just installed it. Have some tweaking to do. Now currently skinning the wiki software to match


The Water Cooler / Blogging about food
« on: April 24, 2012, 12:36:22 PM »
I started a new blog over at tumblr.com to log my daily eating habits.

right now i'm on day 2 of a "strict" paleo diet plan after which I will be reevaluating what I want to do

Check it out http://www.nickladieu.com

Search Engine Marketing / Woo Rank
« on: April 19, 2012, 02:06:20 PM »

Get Help From The Pro's / PHP developer for 1 month contract
« on: April 12, 2012, 07:38:35 PM »
if you fit that description send me an email nick@savvior.com

Would love your feedback!

I'm not actively promoting it, but i have put it up. Once i get it the way i want it and get some ads in there I'll push it.

Please let me know if you want me to syndicate your blog/podcast/youtube Email: nick@savourskills.com  include your links (don't make me hunt them down) to your rss, facebook, youtube, website, etc.    I'm hoping this can get you more subscribes to your podcast and to your youtube/blog

I'm working right now on a bio page which will have info about your blog and links to your facebook/twitter etc


Hey guys.

I'm launching a new website http://www.thesurvivalchannel.com - the goal is to help promote the best blogs and podcasts in the survival/preparedness niche.

If you want to see what it is all about you can view the (WORK IN PROGRESS) site here http://debt.nickladieu.com/tsc/

I'm looking for anyone that has a blog, podcast, or youtube channel they want to promote I can offer them free syndication on our website (at my discretion)

Please email me at nick@saveourskills.com with the subject "The Survival Channel" and let me know if you would like to be included.

Include (as applicable)

  • Blog Name
  • RSS url
  • logo (jpg/gif/png)
  • youtube channel
  • twitter /facebook/ or any other social media stuff you want us to link to
  • Bio and/or blog description

I don't remember which episode it was but jack was talking about using forum software as your membership site.

If this is something you are considering I'd give a hard look at


includes Paid Subscriptions Capabilities (PayPal, WorldPay, NOCHEX and Authorize.net) right out of the box.

Also an impressive feature list:

it's a long time player in that space. They aren't going anywhere.

We have deployed this for clients and it works fantastically. Also it has a lot more features than SMF including social media integration and mobile version of the forum.

I think as we move forward that mobilizing our site is an important consideration.


Someone needs to create small "ebooks" filled with different permaculture projects and create an online store out of it where people can download the projects for a few dollars a piece

Micro-transactions are all the rage now (think apps!)

Now your real money comes in w/ this pitch.

You wet their appetite looking at all the $2 and $3 ebooks they can buy. However for only $10 a month (or however you want to price it) they get access to a private "member's only messageboard" and they get ALL the current and future ebooks for as long as they are a member. Any books they download are theirs to keep forever.

Your blog consists of a mix of great free permaculture idea and demonstrations of your projects w/ links to where they can buy it

Provide a "read only" section of your private forum where members can showcase their projects to the world.

... from here if you want to use my other business idea you can upsell greater access to you personally by offering blocks of phone consultation or custom permaculture design services on an hourly or per-project basis.

Take the word "permaculture" and substitute any other idea in here.

I tried finding this online and wasn't able to come up with anything.

Here is what I wanted to do.   Take a bunch of photos, share satellite pics, video etc of my property.

Consult with a permaculture dude and have them draft a DIY permaculture plan.

The same thing could be done for general landscaping plans.   Pay a pro to design it and you do the work yourself (or use local contractors)

I think it's a pretty good business idea.

I'd sell it in packages. The packages would all be centered around their access to you (the pro) and how much access they get to you. X phone calls, X days of email support

I'd also offer all clients access to a members only area where they can post to a messageboard etc. ... for life.  Give them a forum to showcase the progress of your projects which is viewable publically (read only)

I'd develop this into a business by first doing everything Jack says to do.. IE establish yourself as a permaculture or landscaping guru and then I would find some people who want this service and offer it to them for free to establish some initial samples, work out the kinks in the process, and get you some testimonials.

I'm not seeing anyone offering custom landscape or permaculture design online.

You could even professionally design vegetable garden plans complete with correct crop rotation, seed selections for their region, what to start inside, when to transplant, succession planting. etc utilizing the clients space, etc.

I think someone would pay at least $100 to $200 for such a service and once you have done it for a customer in one region you pretty much can just keep modifying it to fit the specifics of someones space or preferences to similar regions.

Just a thought. Don't know if this is a good business idea or not but I thought I would float it out there. Feel free to "steal" this idea and if you do please let me know as I would like to be one of those "Free" clients i mentioned <wink> <wink>


bonus idea. Offer a store filled with PDF downloads of permaculture or whatever plans for $2 to $5.   Offer bundles of designs for $X

You could bundle this with a membership program that gives them access to a private messageboard where they can post and you reply


Let this be a lesson

stick w/ the fundamentals of good content and community building

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