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Email Marketing / AWeber Users - Best approach for multiple websites?
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:42:51 AM »
For those of you that have more than one website, do you create separate Aweber accounts for each website?  I have two similar (but slightly different websites) that I want to grow separate lists for but ideally by billable/managed under a single account. 

I know you can create multiples lists, autoresponders, etc. But I want my account info (lead capture forms, return email addr, site info, etc) to be different for each website.

I was hoping someone has a product that allows you to combine total users from multiple sites and charge me that way, vs me having to create a bunch of user ids/passwords/accounts for every little website I have. 

How do you all handle this? I look forward to your suggestions.



I noticed on the survival podcast listener feedback episodes, it appears that callers are leaving their questions on a voice mail system that then probably gets imported in as a mp3 or wav file to get added to the show via the recording software.  I have a training tips podcast for runners and was liking the idea of having site visitors and podcast listeners having a way to ask their questions and be a part of a listener questions show that I do periodically.  I am thinking this would be a great advantage over doing "live" call-in shows since people can leave their questions anytime.

I have a couple of questions as a newbie podcaster.

1) Can anyone recommend a good 1-800 / voice mail system that can deliver the voice mails in a mp3 format by email or download. I used one years ago that did this and sent the mp3 by email so I could get notified by email of receiving a message, but for the life of me I can't remember who I used and if I remember correctly, their quality left little to be desired.

2) How would you recommend positioning or structure it so as not to get in trouble for using a caller's question as part of the broadcast.  I would obviously mention it on my podcasts as well as put a message on the mailbox that all calls are recorded and may be used on the show. Is that enough?  It sounds like it would be.


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