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WordPress Wizardry / My new sites ranking is exremely low?
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:27:27 AM »
Hey guys! Haven't been here in a few months, hope all is well!

Anyways, have a new website, resolutionweddings.com I bought the domain name a year ago and since I wasn't using it, I had redirect sitting on it sending it over to my other site (resolutionseniors.com). About a month ago I removed that redirect and built up the website, have lots of content, images with alt tags with the keywords I want ("green bay wedding photographer" stuff like that), all that fun stuff.

Well it's been sitting there for two weeks and has zero traffic. That long tail term was picked because there is such little competition for it and should have been an easy snag. I looked through the first ten pages on google and didn't see my site anywhere! Heck, even if specifically google a whole sentence from my site in quotes, it doesn't show up. Does anyone know what's wrong? I did the webmaster google tools to make sure my site isn't red flagged for malware and it's clean.

It's very frustrating when on page 5 there are sites that aren't in any way even close to matching those search terms and they're obviously ranking much higher than my finely tailored page. Any ideas? Thanks guys!

WordPress Wizardry / Multiple domains better than one?
« on: March 19, 2013, 11:38:22 AM »
Hey everyone! For SEO is it better to have a few different sites or one big one?

I'm a photographer who does a mix of seniors, weddings, and commercial artwork. Right now everything is all on one domain and it's getting a little... crowded. I'm considering buying and making individual sites for each side of photography.

My idea will be something like ***seniors.com ***weddings.com ****blog.com ***art.com. My current page has a decent amount of link power right now so I'm going to keep that domain and turn it into a simple landing page that can direct you to the specific site you're looking for. It'll make theming and branding easier on my end but I'm wondering if that'll be a positive on the seo side of things? I would have links back and forth so if you're on the blogsite you can easily go straight to the wedding page ect.

Let me know your thoughts on something like this, I have strong google-fu but had no idea how to phrase that question. lol. Thanks team!

Get Help From The Pro's / Online store creation pricing?
« on: February 28, 2013, 12:20:32 PM »
Hey guys, how much will it cost me to have someone create an online store to allow purchases and accept online payments. I'm not necessarily looking for one of you to do it (unless you have the skill in which case I'd rather higher you than someone random!) I'm just looking for a ballpark estimate of cost.

I'm pretty familiar with wordpress for blogging and image hosting but a friend of mine wants me to go in with him on a different business. It requires having downloadable video/audio content and he would like it to be fully automated. When a user buys an episode, they instantly have access to download the file. Then the payment is automatically split with 25% going to my account and 75% going to his.

I know how to build a basic wordpress site but since I have no idea how to do that setup above, I'd be fully willing to hire someone to do it. How much do you think I'd have to pay for that? 200 bucks? 2000? The main business idea is sound imo, I'm just unsure on how much of an initial investment we'll need to put in for the web coding. Thanks a ton guys, this is a great community!

Search Engine Marketing / Why does google choose seemingly random images?
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:20:56 PM »
Tip first, then question. To better help my site show up on local searches, I have nearly every single picture on my website labeled "green bay senior pictures" in the alt and description tags. That has worked very nicely because I used to show up on page 2 and now I'm ranked number 3 for that specific search! So I strongly suggest trying this.

My question is why does google seem to choose such random images to display when you search for a picture? lol. And is there a way to prioritize which ones show up higher? I wouldn't post an image online if I didn't like it but some of the ones that show up in the top 30 images are kinda meh. Just curious if anyone knows why it does that.

To see what I'm talking about, type in "green bay senior pictures" on google, click on images, and some will be from my site imagesbyjilane.com They're pulled from seemingly random spots on the site and I'm confused by it. Thanks!

WordPress Wizardry / Too much use of a single keyword on images?
« on: December 10, 2012, 11:06:37 PM »
Is there a downside to using the same keyword phrase as a title or description tag on images? I'm a photographer and most of what my site contains is pictures so my best bet for getting in keywords is through that route. Is there a negative to using a single phrase over and over?

Example, I have a slideshow on my main page where i have the description and alt tag of all 27 images to either be "green bay senior pictures" or "marinette senior pictures" since those are the two searches that will get me the best local traffic for my business. I've tried searching about this and most of the info I could get said not to overload a page with tons of different keywords, I could find nothing that referred to using alt tags repetitively on two phrases.

If someone knows the answer, I'd love to hear it. If you know where to point me to find out, that's great too. I will be doing a major update to my site in the next few weeks and would like to obviously have it right BEFORE  I spend 8-10 hours uploading pictures and making new pages. Thanks guys!

If it helps, imagesbyjilane.com is the site, it's wordpressed based too. Thanks again!

Hey guys. I'm a professional photographer and as such my image presentation makes or breaks my business. I haven't had any complaints about my website but I know that my image galleries look pretty plain jane.

Right now, I just did a basic "upload insert media" from the pannel right above were you can post text on a page. I set the colums and rows to look somewhat nice and when you click on an image it gets bigger and you can slide around from there. It's functional, doesn't look terrible, but I'd like to get something slick looking for 2013. Are their any plugins or widgets or ways to make galleries look cool? I'm hoping that when someone lands on the page there is a single large image that is up there for a few seconds, another one shuffles in, ect ect. Perhaps a bar on the side or bottom shows the next few images coming up so the user can skip ahead? I'm willing to pay money if it means things will look better. Thanks for any tips or referrals guys!

Here's a link to my page, you'll probably need that. http://imagesbyjilane.com/senior-ladies/ Thanks again!

WordPress Wizardry / Why isn't my site ranked higher?
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:25:26 AM »
Probably a common question. haha. However I've followed all the rules I know possible. I'm a photographer and over the last few months have posted all my images with unique names for what i want to rank for. Instead of naming the file "img_124" I called it "green_bay_senior_picture_cheer" and put that in the alt tags as well. My site and business doesn't lend itself well to a frequently updated blog (which is what the 5MWJ show seems to center around) and it is pretty heavy on pictures. I use the wordpress SEO plugin that ranks all my pages and most of them are in the green or yellow. Some pages I simply don't have a way of jamming in keywords (the contact us page for example, the idea is to keep it simple).

I'm just not sure what I'm missing? I don't know how to get people to make links to my site naturally. I have a friend/competitor who just started off on his own less than a year ago and despite having a flash based site he is now ranked #1 for the term "green bay senior photographer". He's sorta a friend of mine but I can't really ask him how he's doing it since he's direct competition. :s And some of the people who outrank me aren't even good sites! There's a wedding photographer on there with a cheepo site who has a single page dedicated to shooting highschool seniors yet that guy outranks me too? I've had this site for 4 years! Grr. There are .blogspot sites that outrank me. The flippin YELLOW PAGES search result outranks my actual site. Yep.

My site

I'm open to any suggestions. I have a decent understanding of SEO but apparently I'm missing something. I have a pretty well used facebook page with lots of fans but I'd really like to get more clients, more than just word of mouth people. Any help would be appreciated! All I can think of doing now is going back to older picture galleries and manually changing the title and meta tags on each and every image. Will that boost things? Or is that actually HURTING my site? I'm getting all sorts of info back and forth online, how is there not a simple solid solution?

WordPress Wizardry / Changing the words that show up on google?
« on: April 24, 2012, 10:14:31 AM »
Hey guys, I know I'm getting the term wrong but how do I change those words that show up under my website name on google? My site is www.resolutionseniors.com and when I look up myself on google looking up Resolution Photography, I show up as the number one spot but the lines that show up are weird. I'll show ya.

Resolution Photography - Modern, fashion inspired photography ...
add titleView image

Does anyone know if this is true? After a google search I found one place said to install wordpress directly into the root directory on your site, another source said to install it in a sub directory. (www.mywebsite.com/wordpress/)

The claim is that google will then read your site as two seperate places? I'm building a website right now and I'm not too far in, I have it installed in the root but thought I'd ask here, it wouldn't be to hard to change it. Thanks guys!

Don't know if it matters but I'm a photographer and my website is hopefully going to rank well for green bay wi senior photographer. Don't know if that really helps answer the question, just thought i'd throw that out there.

Off to 100k! :)

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